Busting the #1 Myth about Lux Furniture Rentals

I was on a marketing course in St. Catherine’s a few weeks ago when we were discussing what makes Lux Furniture Rentals different.  The marketing coach then preceded to say “well, you are the most expensive rental house on the market and…”.  That’s when I passionately cut her off to explain that was not at all true!  I explained that some of our items are actually priced lower than our competitors which she was surprised to hear.  We have dining chairs starting at $29 and coffee table starting at $59.  There in nothing unaffordable at that for furniture rental!  Apparently, there was a little rumor going around about us that we only provided luxury rental furniture for luxury stagings and not “affordable” everyday rental furniture for the average staging.  I am really happy that I heard this from her as I am dying to crush this myth!

After hearing this myth and wanting to share the truth, we decided to introduce the LUX COLLECTION and the EVERYDAY COLLECTION.  You will see on our products online that some of our items are stamped with LUX in the top right hand corner.  These are items that we recommend for the higher end looking homes.  All the other items are considered our everyday collection.  Still stunning and beautiful but at a different price point level to meet everyone’s staging needs and budgets.



An awesome campaign was created to BUST THE #1 MYTH ABOUT LUX FURNITURE RENTALS by the awesome Loredana.  Have a look!  Share this myth buster!  Let’s work together on your next lux or everyday staging project.  Both lines are sure to help potential buyers fall in love!


Lux Furniture