Here are some commonly asked questions which will hopefully answer any questions you may have.  If you still have unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (416) 444-0589 or send us an email at  We would love to help!

Q: Are the prices shown monthly prices?

A: All of Lux Furniture Rental prices are for a 30 day rental period. If you renew your rentals for a 2nd month however, there is a 20% discount. If you renew for a 3rd month, you will receive an additional 10% discount.

Q: Does Lux deliver to my area?

A: We deliver to the GTA and surrounding areas.  For more information, please visit our delivery and pickup page.  For areas outside of this boundary, please contact us.

Q: How much is delivery?

A: For areas within the GTA, delivery and pickup is $109 each way.  For areas outside of the GTA, please visit our delivery and pickup page for pricing.

Q: How soon can Lux deliver?

A: Due to the nature of our business, we understand last minute projects that may fall into your lap!  We can deliver next day as long as there is an opening in our schedule to accommodate.  We try to accommodate whenever we can.

Q: Does Lux have a minimum order requirement?

A: Lux Furniture Rentals does not have a minimum order requirement for orders delivered in the GTA.  A $1500 minimum order requirement does apply to areas further out of the GTA area.  Please call us or email us for more details.

Q: What forms of payment does Lux accept?

A: We accept Amex, Visa and Mastercard.  We also accept e-transfer, certified cheque which must be received prior to delivery, and debit.  If not paying by credit card, we do still require credit card on file.

Q: If we want to purchase the rented items, is that possible?

A: This is a very common request from our clients.  Yes, the rented items are available to purchase with an exception of a select few pieces which are difficult for us to replace.  Please contact us prior to your contract ending for buy-out prices if you are interested in purchasing your rented items.

Q: Can we pick-up items instead of having them delivered?

A: At Lux Furniture Rentals, we pride ourselves in offering stunning furniture that is in pristine condition.  Due to damage liabilities, we do not allow for furniture to be picked up.  We do deliver to the GTA and surrounding areas for a nominal fee.  For special circumstances, we do make some exceptions and allow for throw cushions and area rugs to be picked up at the warehouse (by appointment only) instead of us delivering.

Q: Most rental houses only rent faux beds for staging.  Are mattresses available?

A: We will fill your order with a faux bed (box springs) unless a mattress is requested.  We have a few mattresses in stock and this request will be filled based on availability.  If requesting a mattress, please ensure mattress will fit through entrance/staircases/elevators as additional charges may apply.

Q: Do you rent beds for personal use?

A: Due to hygienic reasons, we do not rent beds for personal use.  Our beds are delivered with plastic coverings and these plastic coverings must remain on the bed at all times for the full contract.  Our beds are used only for staging purposes.

Q: How far in advance can I place my orders?

A: You can place your order online, up to 2 weeks prior to your delivery date.  However, we do welcome you to call or email to reserve your delivery date up to 1 month in advance to ensure we have your delivery date held.

Q: What is the re-stocking fee?

A: The 15% re-stocking fee is applied to all items returned during the delivery that amount to $99+ rental price.  This re-stocking fee covers the administrative, pulling, prepping, transporting and returning of the item.

Q: What does your delivery team do on-site?

A: Our delivery team will carefully place and arrange your rented pieces as per your direction.  For beds, they will assemble and place in the appropriate place as per your request.  Due to liability issues, our delivery team will not hang any art work or mirrors.  They will remove any shrink wrap and bubble wrap used to protect your rental pieces from site.

Q: Is there a discount if I need to renew for a 2nd month?

A: Yes!  If you would like to renew your contract for a 2nd month, there is a 20% discount.  If you need to renew for a 3rd month, there is a 10% discount applied to the 2nd month sub-total.

Q: Does Lux offer trade discounts?

A: Yes.  We currently offer an exclusive 10% savings to all RESA members.  We also offer discounts and special coupons to our VIP Stagers.  For details about how to reach our Lux VIP Stager status please visit our VIP Stager Status page.