Stager of the Month, Nancy Bakuska from Home Decor Staging



I love design and beautiful rooms. It is most certainly my passion. I am Nancy Bakuska and I am Home Stager and the proud owner of Home Decor Staging and Interior Design.
I started my company out of sheer desire to work in the design world. 5 years later we are a busy company with both staging clients and homeowners that want to stay in their homes and want to improve their living spaces and make them their own.
Outside of work I am a mom and an animal volunteer. I am currently doing a massive renovation project on my own home and am excited to have a beautiful end result. 
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1. What interested you in the staging industry? And how long have you been involved in it?
I wanted to be a stager for years even before it was popular! We have been staging for 5 years now.

2. What is your favorite part of working in the home staging industry?

My favorite part is when the home owners come home and see the staged space for the first time. I have seen some really emotional reactions!
3. What should a real estate agent or homeowner look for when hiring a stager?
When hiring a stager, REAs and home owners should look at the stagers previous work. The questions to ask yourself are, Is the type of staging worth considering, is it a luxurious looking and does it appeal to you!
4. What’s the number one mistake homeowners make when trying to do their own home staging work?
One common mistake is to have sparse mismatched pieces. And artwork that is too small!
5. What is the best advice you can give a new stager who has just entered the industry?
The best advice I can give is to sit down with a professional and go thru all the pros and cons of having a staging business. If someone was looking for advice I would be more than willing to sit down with them.

6. What is your favorite go to piece to work with at Lux?

My very fave piece at Lux is the artwork called Nordic. Above a white couch it is simply stunning!

Nordic Artwork $119

7. The home staging industry can be very busy especially during high season, what advice would you give to stagers in achieving balance between work and personal life?
I find that keeping things organized helps me keep keeps life balanced. If spend a few hours in the evening getting organized for a staging then the rest of the evening is stress free!
8. What do you like to do when you are not working on consultations and projects?
When I am not working on projects I like to spend time with my family over dinner, volunteering at the Toronto Animal Shelter  and of course watching Netflix!
Thank you Nancy for your time!  We always enjoy seeing your staging projects come to life. 🙂
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