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We are happy to be featured in the Certified Staging Professional™  Magazine (Volume 11 Issue 3) written by yours truly.  As a CCSP member, I share a few helpful tips to consider when renting furniture for your next staging project.


Staging is the process of preparing a property for sale so it sells as quickly as possible. Furniture plays a huge role in the staging process. When creating a “wow factor“, renting quality furniture is the best way to transform any property into a space with function! Whether the property is vacant or occupied, bringing in a full house of rental furniture or adding in a few pieces will make a huge difference to a potential buyer. When you decide to rent furniture remember it is a process on selecting the right pieces for the target market, taking correct measurements and not being afraid of a little colour in the end.





Staging by: The Staging Professionals


Staging by: The Staging Professionals




CSP Mission


CSP™ believes talent can be nurtured, honed and with the right education, support, financial commitment and passionate drive, people can learn to turn their talent and skills into a successful, profitable business.

Their core beliefs are:

  • Honourable and ethical in all practices
  • Excellence in all things
  • Everything is possible, find a way
  • Continuous improvements (Kaizen) in process, productivity, profitability and education
  • Create opportunities to share abundance
  • Educate and Support environment friendly products, services and practice


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For those who are a Certified Staging Professional™ (CSP™) and it is your first time renting with us, please know we provide a 10% savings on all rental orders placed.  This offer does not apply to insurance, delivery or pickup fees.  A valid membership card must be presented for your first order with us to receive this discount.

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