What is Home Staging?

Photo Courtesy of Nancy from Home Decor Staging & Interior Design.


When you list a home on the market, you want it to sell quickly and for the best possible price. Staging your property can help you do both.  So let’s get to the basics and answer the question:  what exactly is home staging in today’s market?



There are so many misconceptions around the definition of home staging…..It is not anywhere close to just making a space “pretty”.  The definition of home staging has changed over the years but in today’s market the definition of home staging is this….








Home staging is a powerful marketing tool that real estate agents and home owner’s use to maximize the equity of a home.  Home staging is the act of preparing a property for sale or rent and it entails using practical creativity, objectivity, market demographic knowledge and design expertise to create a home that is full of function, beauty and flow.

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Walker Team.



Home staging is all about showcasing a home’s strong points, minimizing its problem areas, and increasing its appeal to a broad range of prospective buyers for that specific neighborhood.

Staging is the only thing that a homeowner and agent can do to increase a homes value.  Staging is an investment.  Studies have revealed that the average staging investment is 1-3% of the homes asking price and typically generates a return of 8-10%.



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Staging your property can help you sell quickly and for the best possible price! If you have any questions feel free to contact us at Lux and we will be happy to help!  


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