What Sells a Home

What sells a home?  EMOTION!

Home buyers buy on emotion!  Buyers need to fall in love.  When they fall in love, they will pay top dollar fast.  Staging a home can create this love at first sight emotion.


A properly staged home makes it as easy as possible for potential buyers to connect emotionally with the property.  Buyers often have a difficult time envisioning how a property can be used.  When they see a house that’s beautifully staged, it’s warm and inviting, and they perceive a much stronger value to that property. That stronger perceived value often eliminates wasted time on lowball offers and translates into a higher selling price.


For example, this was the space before it was staged.


Prior to staging, this bedroom was used as an office.  There is no emotion to the space at all and it isn’t a space that potential buyers can connect with.


After staging, this room was converted back into its original function as a bedroom.  The home was in a family oriented neighborhood and a nursery was the perfect option to really create that emotional connection with potential buyers and create that lifestyle that was so prominent in that neighborhood.


When a property is vacant, it is very hard for many buyers to emotionally connect to bare walls and an empty space.  For example, this was the before space prior to staging.


90% of potential buyers have a tough time envisioning an empty space.  Buyers need to see what it is in order to fall in love; not waste time trying to figure out what it can be.

After staging, potential buyers can now connect with the space.  Everything is laid out and they don’t need to think.  They just need to feel.



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