Why Do I Need Training? By: Christine Rae, President & CEO CSP International™ Staging Business Training Academy















If you are like most people, who think about dipping a toe into the staging industry, you have a decorative gene in your body that is steering you towards starting a business.
Someone told you your house looks good, you sold your own house, you watch HGTV and think “I can do better than that” or your agent told you it would be a good idea! RIGHT?
Now you want to fast track to the most money possible- how can you do that?
Imagine: First time out your prospect asks you about insurance; you think “eeek what insurance!” You suggest they paint and they say no! On the eve of staging your job falls through and you already put hours of work into designing, sourcing and planning and now no compensation! What now?




When you start a business, you want the best information possible to lay a strong foundation, not just have your ducks in a row, but learn all the things you don’t even know you don’t know!  Things like: sales, closing the deal, overcoming objections, marketing, securing clients, nurturing clients, charging clients, contracts, pricing for profit AND getting paid….which is different than just telling the price! Managing your time, how to respond when they ask you to lower your price plus a million other items we know, and you don’t. Think about how we travel today. Plunk in an address into Google maps and follow the steps to get from point A to B.

CSP training and certification is the GPS for staging business success.









You don’t just want to start a business, you want it to flourish and grow; you want it to be profitable and successful.  Choosing the foundation for your business success based on price or convenience is not good business practice.

Warren Buffet said, “price is what you pay- value is what you get”.
There may be other options out there, but no one gives better value for money, measures and tests your skills better than CSP International™ Academy.














The certification logo stands for excellence in education, creates confidence and pride in achievement and is a mark of your technical competency for your clients peace of mind. CSP International™ Staging Business Training Academy specializes in helping new and struggling stagers build successful strong profitable foundations for their business. Why risk your business success just “winging it”?


When you are ready to get serious with your future- we are ready to help.
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