Interior Design Trends 2019!

A fresh new year is here! We have made it easy for you to follow the upcoming trends for 2019. Some of these shades we’ve seen throughout the year, so if you need inspiration on how to make your rooms speak, scroll down and get inspired!       Colours: Warm rich hues like burgundy and rose …

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Summer 2018 – Interior Design Trends!

  Stay up to date with Interior Design Trends this Summer! With the help of Pinterest and online articles, here are some trends to look out for this season!   Ice cream colour palette – Think bright and delicious ice cream colours to breathe happiness into every room. The key to this trend is to keep a neutral …

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Interior Design Trends you’ll be loving this Spring 2017

A fresh new season is quickly approaching so we have made it easy for you to follow the upcoming trends for this Spring 2017.   Colours: As you already know from our previous Colours Trends 2017 blog post: blush pinks, deep navies, whites and beiges will take centre stage this Spring! Blush Pinks:            …

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